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West Java logo has a million hopes for its people

The creation of a symbol of something is of course considered as much as possible, as is the logo of West Java.

The process of choosing shapes in colors and details is certainly not random. All   emblems used in governments and regions certainly represent the uniqueness and characteristic of the region itself.

In terms of shape and color, It is really ordinary at first glance, but this West Java logo has deep meaning and is also unique if you look closely.

Regional emblems are indeed made not only as symbols, but show different things owned by the region itself   .

Showing the special philosophy of the West Java symbol

The West Java logo has a round shape similar to the egg, of course it is clearly visible.

In the middle of this shape of the shield, there is a picture of a kujang with 5 holes on one side.   As many already know, kuzhang weapons  are actually originating in  the  Sundanese tribe  and were  used by the people of the Western Java region in ancient times for different needs.

Left and right cuyang in the West Java logo  have a  picture of pieces of  rice, as well as cotton.   However,  this rice is  also used to describe the existence of food fertility, while cotton is for fertility in clothing.

In the image of rice and cotton, it seems that there is still hidden meaning, namely the date and month of the declaration of Indonesian independence   .

Natural wealth in the western Java region symbol

If you look closely, you will find a  mountain in the logo of west Java province, which is in the  area under the symbol of padi, as well as cotton.

Thenyou will notice a slow river at the bottom of the left side that is still discussing the area.   There are several rivers that  flow into the area  and are understood  to  be  useful in various needs including irrigation in  the area of rice fields.

Similarly  , the provincial logo of West Java on  the right side of the bottom is shown as plots  .

There is still another hidden emblem is the dam at the bottom of the logo. The meaning is that the irrigation of  the  area is really more concentrated because  the area is indeed  the  location of rice fields and plantations.

The deep meaning of colors

In addition to these ornaments, the West Java logo also has several colors in each of its parts.

The upper shield uses green as a sillyg fertility, as well as the prosperity of its land area.

You can see the symbol of the mountain using black as a symbol of permanence, as well as immortality. This is a prayer for the lives  of the people   of  the West Java area so that  it always exists in terms of tranquility and peace without any turmoil of the problems between them.

White and red are also located on the logo of the province of West Java. The meaning of color red is courage and purity, purity, and the sincerity of its white color.

There are many things that are implicit in it that range from every ornament, as well as the colors and writings written in it. Perhaps at first glance only the large part is visible, but it turns out that there are various small things, as well as details of the emblem for keeping the best secrets and prayers for the people of the West Java area.

Principles of life as a complement to regional emblems

Not to leave it in  the West Java logo is written  the motto of the original people of  West Java.     This phrase is a Sunda language that is well known and widely used.

Gemah ripah means prosperous, fertile, prosperous and wind. The well-being in this phrase also means enough food and clothing in its people. For all who are there to have enough to fulfill the well-being of their lives. Of course, making different efforts and their respective jobs.

As for beets, it means peace and harmony. Safe and sentosa life is certainly the hope of all people wherever they live. Therefore, this principle of life is also a hope in West Java to have a social life that is always peaceful without any problems in the implementation of daily activities.

The use of this phrase in the West Java logo is interpreted to describe an area that is fertile and rich in various things, In addition, this area is also insettled with a community that is always peaceful, prosperous and sentosa in their lives.

This emblem also reminds different parties to continue to strive for different definitive steps for these hopes to be properly implemented. People’s lives can be consistent with what is on the symbol. Thus, the West Java  logo is not just a symbol.

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