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How to use  J&T Call Center services very easily

Many do not know how to use the services of the J&T call center.  Although the customer service can be reached for 24 hours non-stop. It can even be said to be the most recommended expedition and on holidays it also still works. So it not only serves 24 hours a day, but also works without holidays.

J&T really doesn’t recognize holidays even national holidays and weekends still  work as usual. So, for those of you who have an online business, it seems that it may be the best solution so that the goods you buy can easily reach consumers even if the transaction is carried out on vacation.

J&T itself is a multinational company engaged in the  expedition sector, although it is headquartered in Jakarta, the name of this company has sorting warehouses in Semarang and Surabaya. As the youngest expedition service in Indonesia, J&T always strives for maximum service to satisfied customers.

So we you have questions, suggestions or criticisms can be sent through customer service or J&T call center.   For those of you who are still confused about which media to contact the customer service through, you are  in  the right article as we will review it in detail.

Via J&T Expedition officiell hotline

Even at first, this service can be accessed for free. In2018, the free hotline began to be abolished and replaced with a paid service where prices depended on the prices of the respective operator. So, you can contact the hotline service on 021-8066-1888 in the following ways:

  1. Call the hotline number listed as 021-8066-1888
  2. After calling the hotline number, you will be connected to the operator
  3. You can tap on the extension that’s tailored to your needs

This service is highly recommended as it is quite effective where customers can communicate both ways until a solution can be found. So, if you experience problems with the location of sending or receiving goods, you can directly contact the customer service on the hotline.

This J&T Call Center also does not have holidays so you can contact at any time when you need it. In addition, it can also be reached 24 hours directly, making it easier for customers to consult directly. Contacting the call center through a hotline service is certainly more advisable than other methods.

Send e-mail in the expedition’s e-mail address

Actually, there are many other ways that can be used to contact J&T besides the hotline service where you have to pay a fee because the hotline is not free. One of them is to send an email so that you can submit in writing about criticism proposals or complaints.

J&T will also respond well to incoming emails so you can send complaints, criticisms, or suggestions via email address. If you really choose to contact customer service via email address, be sure to write criticism suggestions or complaints that you will convey.

Do not forget to fill in the email subject with the important points you will convey, and then explain in detail to the body of the email. If there are problems or complaints, you should use the list system, as it makes it easier for the J&T call center to handle the complaints.

Instead of writing per paragraph, you should write it as a list so that the  essence of the complaint can be conveyed clearly. If you are long-winded, there is  usually  a misunderstanding so you have to repeat what you want to convey and of course it takes time and the problem is not solved quickly.

Contact J&T’s social media accounts

In an increasingly sophisticated era, it seems that there is no need to be confused if you want to contact the customer service of even a large company. In addition, all information can be easily obtained where you only need  to browse search engines or browsers by using Internet media.

Nowadays, almost all major companies have their own social media accounts to present their products to the public. You only need to find the social media account if you experience complaints or issues so that they can be easily conveyed in an easier way.

Similarly with J&T, when you want to contact the J&T call center but are limited because you have to spend a budget where the price is adjusted to the provider used to call the hotline number, you can DM or direct message through J&T’s social media accounts.

Especially now that many people prefer data packets to calls, you can also contact the administrator through their social media. Nowadays, there are also many social media accounts, so look for more active social media accounts so that you can connect easily.

For this expedition, you can contact through Facebook account: J&T Express Indonesia, Instagram: @jntexpressid, Twitter: @jntexpressid, WeChat: @JTExpressID and Line: @jtexpressid. You are more advised to contact through your Instagram account because you are online or active more often.

So not only through the hotline service, you can visit the J&T call center  in various ways, ranging from sending emails or direct messages to J&T’s social media accounts, the main thing is that criticism, suggestions or complaints can be easily conveyed and get a quick response.

By J&T WhatsApp number

If the methods above are still very difficult, for example, if you are not active on social media or do not have an email address, there is another way that can be the last solution, namely to contact the administrator or customer service on WhatsApp. WhatsApp is an application that is more often used to communicate.

Compared to other applications, WhatsApp can even be said to be a replacement for SMS so you can contact the J&T call center to  the whatsapp number  +62811-8466-188.   You will be connected to customer service to  chat both ways so that it is the same as the hotline where you can also find solutions related to submitted complaints.

Customer service also serves wholeheartedly so that there is a quick and responsive response regarding suggestions, criticisms, or complaints from customers. So, there is no need to worry as various obstacles can be overcome properly and sending or receiving packages can work smoothly as usual.

The most important thing when sending a package is to make sure that you have included the correct and complete address along with the zip code. Also,  make sure to send items neatly wrapped, so that the goods are not easily damaged along the way as usually the complaints in the  J&T call center  are mostly from online shopping lovers.

Of the numerous complaints, many customers admitted that the package had not yet arrived. Then the wrong address or name and house number resulting in the goods not arriving at theirdestination. Then improper packing also causes  the goods inside to be easily damaged, dented, broken, and others.

Tips to make delivery smooth and hassle-free are actually simple where you need to double-check the shipping address and name you’re going, always if you’re sending items that are prone to damage, then give a warning sticker. So you and consumers don’t have to contact the J&T call center either because the delivery goes smoothly.

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