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Talinayo KTA aan Credit Card Shuruudaha Easy

The recommendation of KTA without credit cards is easy for everyone to be Prima Donna, in particular, for those who need more investment. Because, during this time to seek money from the bank, it needs a guarantee. This is really a little complicated, another requirement to make it easier is credit from the Credit Card owner.

Just, it is difficult for all people to find because, to file is difficult, in fact, a sudden rejection occurs when the file has already been uploaded. The filing requirements are really simple only, salary slips, NPWP, Monthly Salary, and handbook. However the minimum wage must be met. With Credit Card the loan ceiling is huge.

In fact, some have already broken the hundreds of millions of the mark. The development of a world of technology makes this debt also growing. The existence of Financial Technology makes everything easier. By applying for  a KTA advice  program  without a credit card, the requirements are simple, everything is easy. The process also doesn’t take long.

Although, you should be careful. Because, not all fintechs behave well. There are also those who delir like news circulating. If you want to apply, first look at their different requirements. To be safe, try looking at the entire list using OJK, a supervisory authority that always provides information about the economy.

In 2021, Fintech’s development will be even bigger. Because, the ideal conditions and cultural practices of the community due to the pandemic. In order not to deceive you and secure a broker, here are some trusted fintech tips that can be used as an option for various urgent needs.

Talinayo KTA aan Credit Card Shuruudaha Easy Bank Permata

The first bank can be used as the primary doughnoff for loan application. In fact, the figures made vary widely ranging from 2 million IDR to IDR 10 million. Payment time of 12 months. The payment process is also faster, about 24 hours after the terms are approved, and the money then goes directly to the account.

Each loan will be charged a 2.99% interest rate. The number installed remains unchanged. Minima making parts is 6 months. Before you can file, it has already paid for a table. Then, you just need to learn. In fact, a few permata Bank options will also provide attractive opportunities.

KTA recommendations without a credit card with the simple terms will give you  a repayment period of up to 3 years. If there is a delay in payment, a fine of 5% of the bill worth as little as 150 thousand IDR will be imposed. In order to apply, you must meet the requirements.

At least $3 million per month was paid a total of 3 million people. From 21 to 50 years of age, she becomes a permanent employee of a company for at least 2 years. Request several documents such as, photocopy of KTP, KK, Marriage Certificate, Salary Slip for last 3 months.

On top of that, the current account, the decision to appoint permanent employees, or the latest original certificate, as well as the NPWP. In fact, you don’t have to find a savings account from Permata. It’s just that, there will be a transfer fee of IDR 150 thousand. So it is a good idea if when you are filing all of these applications which are those offers are requested that the account be opened.

Tunaiku,Program d ari Bank Amar

The advice for the KTA without credit cards is  simple is Tunaiku guaranteed by OJK since 2014. So, you don’t have to hesitate to apply if you need more capital. This service was supported in 24 hours, To get funding. You need to land the app on the back of the Google Play Store.

Next, Prepare an ID card and fill out several notification forms at Tunaiku. The form also determines whether your application has been accepted. Once the contract expires, the money can be distributed immediately. Interestingly, when you’re paying off the parts quickly, interest is not charged.

This simple requirement required KTA without a credit card has a balance sheet ranging from 2 million IDR to IDR 20 million. Everyone uses it and gets good tea. When you want to borrow, for example, the website or application. It already appears to be the calculation points. So, just choose.

You borrow and how many parts it will be. Immediately, a number will appear, that’s the monthly episode. However, when doing so, turn on the identity card id code. Try not to hurt him and he can read the system. This way the loan is automatically denied immediately.

Additionally, additional payments are made. In Tunaiku, it also opens up opportunities for you to make investments. There are comparisons available. Then, you will understand how much progress it is in choosing between the Tenors Options of 1 to 3 months The safe promise that you can know the movement and growth.

CIMB Niaga Program Additional Fund

The following simple requirement for KTA without credit card advice is  from CIMB Niaga which has an extra money program. The best solution for those of you wanting more money. Accessibility is an easy and simple matter. There’s no need to come to the office serving the Call Center service or website.

Interestingly, the fee can be claimed for 24 hours to 7 days. You have been given forms to fill in, the first step being if the application has been granted or rejected. Each loan will be charged a 1.79% interest rate. In fact the schedule is very large, you can apply up to IDR 300 million.

Not only CIMB Niaga users, KTA recommendations without this credit card this simple requirement can also be passed on to other customers of the bank. It’s just that the criteria are actually a little more complicated. When applying, try to be between 21 and 55 years old. As well as Indonesian citizens with proof of identity card.

Don’t forget to also prepare pay slips and drawings of npWP if the application exceeds IDR 50 million. For other customers, there is an additional credit card. For employees and customers, it’s not necessary. If you face a delay in payment, you will be fined 150 thousand.

Amaahda Onlined ari Money Friends

The latest easy requirement for KTA advice without a credit card is Friend Money. There are pre-retained calculators and calculations available when applying for a certain amount of money. The price amounts to IDR 3 million with a tenor of approximately 70 days. This fintech is actually believed because, nearly 80% of them borrow back.

How to apply is a very simple matter, just try to download that application through a friend’s money mobile. On top of that, the same images using ID cards are all processed around 5 minutes. After contract agreement the money is issued promptly within 24 hours. Friends’ money has already received various prizes.

Took permission and supervision from OJK. So, he is promised to be safe and not deceived. For conditions it’s very easy and it’s light. The borrower’s age of the borrower is between 21 and 60 years of age. Loans based on regional area, for Jabodetabeq are maximized. It’s just that, Solo and its materials, there’s a maximum restriction.

The minimum income applies, which is 2 million idr. Prepare certain individual documents, such as id cards, pay slips, family cards, personal photos. The payment time for a limited amount of time is 10 days to 30 days or long time with interest calculations. The character is very efficient, there is no such thing as cheating anyway.

The addition of raasal-wealth is actually important for many different cycles. Whether it is for education, business or other purposes. However, you are obliged to first understand the different requirements. If it’s really worrying, it’s a good idea not to do it.  KTA’s recommendations   without credit cards are the simple requirements that are required to in fact be required by different groups, especially during a pandemic.

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