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How to contact the Traveloka call center for consumers

Traveloka call centers are very useful for their consumers in solving various types of problems. Traveloka itself is the largest ticket booking site in Indonesia. This site was the first site to provide such services. This is because traveloka itself has started opening since 2012.

At that time, there were not many Internet users in Indonesia. The explosion in the number of users in Indonesia occurred in 2013. Traveloka, which was created, became stronger than competitors that were established only after the incident. With its long existence, there are many customers of this provider.

Of course, not all customers are fluid when booking tickets. There are people who are struggling. Usually, this is experienced by new users. When you encounter this issue, the traveloka call center should be contacted. Contacting it yourself can be done in the following way.

How to contact the Traveloka call center

To contact by phone, there is a number provided by traveloka. The number is 0804-1500-308. The contact is open to the general public. Therefore, any problems or questions related to traveloka can be answered via this number.

You can also contact the traveloka call center at any time. This is because the number is active for 24 hours. There is always a CS ready to be on hold to meet the needs of consumers. Of course, traveloka also makes adjustments to the number of CS during the day and night. This adjustment makes these CS numbers more numerous during the day.

With a larger number, you won’t queue for too long when you contact him during the day. When you contact the call center, make sure you have a sufficient amount of credit. At a minimum, have a credit of 20,000 rupees. This is because, this phone system is paid according to the provider you use.

You can also contact him via a landline if you want cheaper charges. However, if there is no stock of credit and landline, contact by e-mail can also be made. The official email of traveloka itself can be found at the address When you contact the email, the response will not be as fast as when you contact the traveloka call center.

This is because it takes time for CS to understand your complaint and give the answer. To make things easier, it would be better to make the question as detailed as possible. With it, CS will be easier to understand the timeline. But do not contact the address when you encounter a PROBLEM WITH YOUR SALDOKU balance.

UANGKU itself is the official payment method of traveloka. But if you encounter this problem, just send a message to uangku’s official email address. His own email address is If the customer contacts the traveloka CS for this problem, finally the customer will also be asked to contact the address.

You can also contact him via social media and live chat

There are other ways if you are not comfortable contacting the traveloka call center by phone or email. The trick is to use social media. Social media itself is indeed suitable for use by Indonesians since its use is very popular. The first social media to choose from is Twitter.

Twitter is the most popular social media tool to communicate with traveloka. To contact via Twitter, first open the app and log in first using your account. After logging in, look for the official traveloka account that has a @traveloka ID. If it has been found, you can use two media to communicate.

The first way is to use the mention function. You can ask questions or complaints and @traveloka mention them. However, this reference is too public in nature. For obstacles or problems of a more personal nature, it would be preferable to use direct messages.

Direct message or DM is a feature that can be used for you to chat privately with traveloka. In fact, traveloka can also be contacted via Facebook and Instagram. The identifier is also the same, namely @traveloka for Instagram and Traveloka for Facebook. The way to contact him is also the same.

However, none of them allow you to chat via mention. Customers can use DM for instragram andfacebook forfacebook. For the last option, the traveloka call center can also be contacted via live chat. To access the live chat, first log in to the official website.

From here you can find a special column for live chat. Wait a few moments for CS to be available to answer your questions. If available, the questions will be answered fairly quickly. It’s just that, it takes time for CS to type so customers have to wait a little longer.

The request for a refund of a ticket can be made through the call center

When you contact the traveloka call center, you have many services to choose from. This is because CS has been prepared to deal with a wide variety of issues that consumers may face. However, there are call center services that are rarely known to traveloka consumers. The service is a refund.

The refund itself is a refund request. This is important when the plane ticket has been paid but wants to be cancelled as there is sudden activity. Traveloka itself does not complicate the process. Not only in the refund of airline tickets, hotel tickets can also be made with similar things. The refund process also doesn’t take time.

If the process is carried out on a hotel voucher, the required time is approximately 30 days. For the flight voucher itself, the refund process is a bit longer. Indeed, it takes up to 90 days to get a refund. When you contact the traveloka call center to make a refund, you will be asked a few questions.

This issue is related to personal data, booking data and the reasons for wanting to make a refund. Don’t get me wrong when providing personal data and booking data. This is because the call center will not transfer the service if there is an error in both. It would be preferable for the data to be prepared in advance before contacting CS.

There are a lot of issues that need to be talked about

In addition to making a refund, there are various questions that can be asked of CS. One of the most important questions concerns the condition of an already full ticket. Some consumers complain about the difficulty of placing an order as the moment approaches. Especially if the flight is for the holidays.

Usually, the tickets have been full for a long time. If you encounter this issue, the traveloka call center can be contacted. Contacting him doesn’t mean you’ll get a ticket for others to be hurt. In this condition, CS will provide suggestions on the best location adjacent to the destination location.

With it, you can always get to the intended place using the land route when you arrive. Usually, CS will suggest that the destination is the one that is closest. This is because, the price is a little cheaper. With it, you can significantly reduce travel costs.

Other issues such as confusion when booking tickets and application errors can also be reported. In essence, make the best use of the call center’s existence. Don’t let existing facilities be wasted because you don’t use them. After all, the confusion problem that often irritates customers can be eliminated by contacting the traveloka call center.

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