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West Javanese Snack Recipe yang Manis, you have to try


Everywhere in Indonesia there are many dishes as usual of Western Javanese cuisine that is easy to peel for yourself.You have to try to eat food from Bandung or other regions from West Java with a delicious flavor.Similarly, eating in many regions of Indonesia is still very interesting to discuss.


Each region has a variety of natural resources, making traditional food products between the regions its own prominence. There is no end to discuss the food of each region and as Indonesians, we need to recognize this wealth. Indonesian cuisine is well known in every corner of the world that should be proud of.


This landscape is famous for eating hundreds of foods ranging from heavy food, drinks to foods you can try around Indonesia. You have to be easy to find street vendors snacking cilok, cireng, piscok, bandung cakes, etc. This dish is easily cooked by others and the taste must be liked by many people.


The types and recipes of the usual Small Western Java cuisine from tradition to the present day are very valuable in West Java and are very valuable in preserving.If you visit West Java, it will be very easy to find a special variety in each region at an affordable price.Bandung’s cuisine or other regions in Western Java are famous for many of them ranging from sweet, salt, spicy or other flavors.


For lovers of sweets, in West Java you will find a variety of styles. Here are 5 types of West Java legit snacks that can be cooked at home. The recipe is simple and of course the results are similar to the original. There is no need to go to West Java first, you can taste it already.


Traditional Burayot cakes belonging to the type of wet cake

This western Javanese cuisine is from the Garut area; the name comes from the Sundanese language, which means it has a form of ngagayot or hanging.This dessert consists of a wet type of cake made from simple ingredients.The beginning of the creation of this dish also crashes.It is made by garut residents first from rice flour and brown sugar in his home.


It makes it very easy to prepare ingredients in the form of rice flour, sugar and sand. Next mix the palm sugar, granulated sugar and water then heat the low heat until thick. Once it is thick, add the flour. Add by adding slowly gradually while stirring equally until the shape of the flour is ready to build.


The cheese just needs to be built into a flat to hatch. You can use oil on your hands when turning into flour. The next step is to heat the oil in a pan to flour. After it is hot, you just take the flour in the first place.


Frosting it doesn’t have to be too long because this flour contains sugar so that it doesn’t burn. The next step of western Dish Java snack is to give the vegetable until it is expanded for a while and then the central pierce using a bamboo stick and then hanging it while frying it again for a long time. after watering nan le m fry but can get the flavor.


 Ongol-Ongol Snacks from the sundanese general

The delicacies are famous on the northern coast of West Java, which was left over by the Mongolian army in 1200.  This Western Javanese sweet dish is made from cassava flour or similar so that the flesh will be chewy and sweet; its yellow with grated bananas makes the appearance of this dish very attractive.


You just have to prepare the cassava flour, brown sugar, pandan leaves, water, and young cheese for the watering. First cook the grated nuts by steaming them until cooked with a small addition of salt. To make the ongol-ongol flour, you mix your own cassava flour or flour with water.


Furthermore, from this sweet West Javanese dessert to heating the brown sugar with the pandan and water to boil.Set the sugar solution after the filter to cool. Next Stage heats the flour solution with sugar-brown sugar to boil and thicken.  Wait for it to warm up and cut into pieces and wrap it in a saucepan before enjoying it.


Traditional Noong Cake Made from Bananas

This name is dismissed as a princess s peeping. This comes from a banana covered in flour and looks like looking at it. This type of delicious food tastes differently because the combination of bananas, flour, and banana flavors is a full meal


This food so far has often been very enjoyable in the activities of a Sudanese family.  Combining the flavor of this kind of West Javanese delicacies with coffee or warm water will add to your morning or evening excitement with your family.Using tapioca flour to make the texture of dressing and bananas inside enhances the identity of this preparation.


The ingredients you need or tapioca flour or those with similar flesh, bananas, sugar, instant milk, grated bananas, bananas, and salt. First cook the grated banana after getting a little salt by steaming it until cooked. Then combine the tapioca flour with other ingredients until using the form of flour.


Next, wrap with leaves and place the bowl in  the middle of the bagia n and then wrap neatly.Finally, this Western Javanese snack steams it until cooked.For the service cut on desire and wrapped in peanuts before enjoying loved ones.


Gemblong sweet cake with Caramel Coating

Creating this sweet meal with a layer of caramel sugar is easy for you to find in the tourist area of Bogor Puncak. This is a lot of fruit for visitors because it tastes delicious and sweet. The inside of this cake contains rice and bananas that add a variety of flavors, not just sweet sugar.


The right flavor is ideal to pair with a warm drink such as a shoot and make it fairly easy too. Without having to come to Bogor, you can make your own recipe for this common West Java snack at home with no less tasty flavor.


Prepare ingredients in the form of gluten rice flour, peanuts, vegetables, salt, peanut milk and cooking oil. Caramel sugar is the right gemblong shirt is derived from a mix turquoise mix of sugar and sand. How to make it by combining glutinous flour with grated bananas. Don’t forget to add salt to the flavor. After mixing, add the lemon milk gradually until the flour is smooth.


This flour will then look like a ring for later frosting.    Prepare the hot oil and take the ring flour until it is browned. Finally, make the caramel sugar by carefully cooking so as not to burn the mixture of sugar and granulated sugar. Next to the recipe for a small Western Javanese dish to get the right gemblong, mix the sugar with gemblong until evenly distributed. leave frozen and dry before it is ready to eat.


Misro Snacks Made with Cassava Main Ients

Misro means that fish in offal or sweet inside aren snacks made with the principal ingredients of cassava and black sugar; the shape is round and easy to find on the side of the fried food vendor.Currently this dish is not just traditional food but dinikmati broad ol ehevery walk in life.


For the food production of this sweet dish is very easy at home. First prepare the cassava, cooking oil, brown sugar and salt. Before flushing, the cracked cassava shell is given a little salt and then is formed round and brown sugar is placed in the middle according to the taste. The final stage of this Western Javanese cuisine is just fried until it is cooked and then watered before being enjoyed.

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