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Know the Indihome call center number and how to contact it

Call center  number Indihome is an  important digital record for users.   Indihome  is  actually  one of the internet service providers  in Nusantara.   As a  subsidiary  supplier of  telecom giants in Indonesia, namely PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Telkom) has made Indihome quickly  become known to the  wider community.

As  is well known, the  internet is becoming one of the important needs in today’s world civilization.   The development of the internet is getting faster  and  faster and continues to be loved by almost everyone in the world.  Different internet  service providers have also started mushrooming with various  attractive offers.

Even if you look further, currently  the internet  infrastructure is starting to be built in rural areas so that people can enjoy it too.  Not  only  that, in the past the internet was only used by companies or offices.   Meanwhile, it has now targeted  a  smaller direction  ,  namely a house.

This   is why Indihome is here to meet home internet at low prices.   You don’t have to go  to  an Internet café anymore to enjoy high-speed network  access.   To get  various information about Indihome  and submit user complaints, you can contact the Indihome call center number.

Get to know Indihome as an Internet Provider

The word Indihome stands  for Indonesia Digital HOME is a  product of PT. Indonesian Telecommunications (Telkom). Providers of  communication and  data service packages, such as  landline  (voice), internet (  Internet   of Fiber or high-speed Internet)  and interactive television services such as USee TV  Cable and IP TV.

Indihome offers a 3-in-1 package designation.  This designation is due to the fact that Indihome not only  provides internet services  , but also provides pay TV services and phone lines.   Not only that, Indihome complements its services by offering  digital  music portal services  and Home Automation.

In 2015, Indihome  switched  from Speedy users  to  Indihome. In  the same year,  Indihome was one  of Telkom’s major projects, namely Digital Network Indonesia 2015.   To make  this program successful, Telkom cooperates with  various telecommunications technology developers.

The purpose of partnering with  various telecom technology developers is because Telkom wants to build a  digital home service concept.   The  target homes that  can use  Indihome are  those  with fiber optic cable from Telkom and areas  that  are  still actively using  copper  cable  .

In providing quality internet service, Indihome  provides an Indihome  call center number  that makes  it easier for  customers to contact Indihome if there is a problem with the technology installed in their home.   This will make  it easier for   you to fix the problem.

How to contact Indihome Call Center

As a service provider, Indihome combines it with the provision of call center  services  .  To contact Indihome call center via 147 by following the procedure provided.   This number can be used as a means to report disturbances  experienced in your home.

The first thing  required is enough credit to  contact the Indihome call center number.   Moreover, kamu can press 147 on the mobile phone used. If  the credit is sufficient, it will be connected when you hear the greeting “welcome to 147, press 1 for  Indonesian,  press    2 for English”.

Then kamu can hit the number 2 for  various Indihome problems.   Next, press number 1 for Indihome customers. If   you  are not an Indihome customer, you can press the number 2.   Only then will you need to wait for a direct greeting   from the Indihome operator.

If it is connected, you can send a complaint to the operator.   Typically,  the  customer id  will be asked to refer to the customer id. This id is often used in the process  of  paying bills. It is very  easy to contact the Indihome call center number if there is internet or other service interruption at home.

 Best Indihome Plan  BAs Well As Pricing

During  this WFH phase, Indihome has moved to  offer different plans  that are only accessible at home.  The starter package is Indihome Learning from Home.   As the package is named,  this one is here to support  the  learning process during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Offered exclusively for students at a  price that fits in a bag.

For example, Learning from Home is a  Triple Play package with  a 10 Mbps internet  quota,  50-minute  calls,  and an interactive TV.   To get this package, it is enough to spend the budget of Rp.   199,000. This price will reduce the  cost of purchasing a student’s internet  quota.

Not only for  students, for teachers and   lecturers,  special packages  for teachers and    lecturers teaching  at home are also   offered.  Includes providing materials online through Indihome Study.   Budget spending  of  Rp. 225,000 kamu was  able  to  enjoy one of these packages, namely Dual Play.

Another Indihome package  is Indihome Triple Play.  This  category includes a complete package  as it is offered for internet services, landlines and USeeTV with the standard package. A special coupon will be offered if you purchase this plan online.   Not only that, but   there are also streaming bonuses like iflix.

You don’t need to worry about the games,  Indihome  also offers the Indihome Gamer package  . Gamers who choose this plan will be offered an internet speed base of up to 100 Mbps.    For  the matter the  price  is still quite affordable with a minimum  price of  Rp. 395,000 k amu was able to enjoy this package.

Another package offered is the  BUMN  package  which was conceived to love local products.   To get   uninterrupted internet service, Indihome is the choice. If  one  day you  experience disruptions  to this service, you can contact the Indihome call center number  at 147.

Reasons to Choose Indihome for Home Internet

Choosing Indihome to connect with the whole world   is really suitable  k Arena will be offered many  different advantages.   This  advantage makes customers feel more at home and those who have not joined can  choose Indihome as soon as possible  for the best connection.

The guaranteed  advantage  is getting the package when  needed.   Indihome offers a variety of plans  with different prices depending on your needs.   Lovers of watchingn TV also do not need  to worry, because you can contact the indihome call center number and it will be facilitated with services without advertising breaks.   Indihome offers  USeeTV to watch  service providers without commercial interruption.

Those of you who  are worried  that   various  devices  connected  to the  Indihome internet that  are easily exposed to the virus should be ignored immediately.   The reason is, Indihome offers a digital antivirus with extra layers and protection. So it is very secure to be accessed by your communication device at all times.

Another advantage  is that Indihome offers stable and high-speed   internet access.   Not only that, but this product also offers special phone services.   In terms of service,  there are  several  Indihome call centers that you can  contact if there is a problem.

When you  frequently run into issues during  payment or invoicing, it won’t apply  if you choose  Indihome.   The reason is, Indihome offers the opportunity for people to  pay online   easily or in person.  These various advantages  make Indihome worthy of your choice in  surfing the web in cyberspace.

The Internet is  actually  controlling the  world’s share of the media market.   Almost all jobs and everyone needsit.   If  you  want a  wide internet coverage at home, you can try using Indihome.   If  you  select Indihome  and have a problem, you can  easily contact  the Indihome call center number.

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