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Career goals are development, not self-achievement

Not a few new jobs see a career as an achievement if it’s the opposite. Career goals are self-development so that one day they can gain new abilities to contribute to social life. With this mindset, you won’t end up deadwood.

Sometimes a person is unaware when the effectiveness of their work decreases until they finally sting. Your new employees may not feel that way because you’re still overwhelmed by the happiness of being an employee. But what about the next two or three years, it’s still the same.

The main cause of the workers’ lack of self-development is the overconfidence of their position. This then leads to thinking about a comfort zone where their lives revolve around work. Eventually, they will accept the circumstances and be reluctant to seek new challenges.

Such a thing is still not widely recognized by employees, so they still think career goals  are a sport. When they manage to have a career, they already see it as the finish line in self-development. Although there is still much that can be done to develop other skills.

Keep your mind from getting tired of trying new things

It is not uncommon when a career goal is to find solace in life, receive enough payment, and eventually marry will make a person feel comfortable. Ease in life is like a drug that can deceive the mind and make it unproductive.

But putting too much pressure on the mind is also not good for the development of life. You can test for yourself when entering a comfort zone, or take risks to develop yourself. There may be people who want to get out of the zone, but most don’t.

In the book entitled Leisure : the basis of culture by Josef Pieper when one reaches a comfort zone, few will be willing to go out and take risks. With this comfort zone, a person is more vulnerable to lazy diseases and reduces their own potential.

It also depends on one’s view of the meaning of one’s own risk. Not a few interpret risk as great potential for failure. Being too afraid of these risks will make career goal mindset a  way to find solace in life.

In fact, by instinct, people are born to seek comfort by doing various novelties in their lives. But what if in modern times man had all the necessary comfort. Of course, the passion to move and innovate will be less and less.

Career goals are self-development, what they mean

In general, the approach to career choice by Indonesian youth is to see what basic abilities they have. If someone studied languages ahead of time, then surely their career choice is far from that world. This is related to the application to the theory studied.

They try to apply what they have learned while studying to the world of work. Whether or not to experience what they gained during learning can be used firsthand. Because very little can be applied in the field, they gain new knowledge.

From here it remains constant that the career goal is to develop yourself  , what if there is no new information. Feel comfortable because the work is perfect and ends without the motivation to try anything. This is the cause of the large number of dead trees in Indonesia that live only in company.

The comfort a person receives is certainly contagious to other employees. Therefore, without realizing it, this comfort zone effect will cause an unproductive working atmosphere. Efficiency can be a yes, but getting new productivity will be few and far between.

This means that a person should not feel tired of suppressing their own abilities when living a career. Since the bodybuilders like it without increasing the exercise weight, the muscles will not appear. As soon as one load was successfully lifted, they had another target to hit immediately.

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By having such a mindset, the career as self-development does not aim a finish line. Why should it continue to evolve, because the world doesn’t just stop at that point and continues to evolve dynamically over time.

The dynamics of this life will not stop if you do not change the way you live your life. One day, chances are you’ll be too comfortable in life. There will be no easy shortcuts to conquering the rigors of life except to strive to continue to develop itself.

Idealism in career development must be balanced with rationalism of thinking

Self-development must be accompanied by rationality in thinking, one can have ambitions to achieve certain things, but still have to look at various factors. Perhaps if you are still a new employee, then the motivation to pursue something high is natural.

But whether those ambitions are realistic, think again. Have you ever had the ambition to open your own business after two years as an employee. Whether it’s realistic, of course, not because not necessarily everyone can learn marketing knowledge in such a short period of time.

It is a portrait that explains young workers with a career goal mentality as a  stepping stone. This kind of idealism often comes to the fore because there are many successful young entrepreneurs out there. But have you ever wondered how their life’s journey brought about this success.

What background and capital do they have so that they can be successful. Of course, not a few see the struggle. Granted, the people of Indonesia always see the end result without considering how successful the figure’s struggle is.

So when you want to pursue your own ambitions, you have to realise how you are capable. If you can’t make preparations to achieve it afterwards. From finding capital to knowing, everything must be done so that ideals can be realized. Without that rationality, you end up falling into a lazy pit.

How to develop yourself so as not to get caught in a comfort zone

In order not to get stuck in the comfort zone, there are indeed several things that one can do. You can read the story of a particular character who wants to be used as a reference. Finding a character that is used as a reference will definitely make it easier for yourself to do something.

Without a character being used as a role model, a person will struggle to find motivation to develop themselves. As a concrete example, there’s no way you want to be a successful person if you’ve never seen someone succeed before, right?

In fact, this is a very trivial thing, of which there are even individuals who find their motivation away from hatred for character. The desire to defeat the character can be a spark of enthusiasm. It sounds cliché, but it’s a fact on the ground that’s happening right now.

The comfort zone will not apply when motivation to develop itself is successfully activated. Whether you want it or not, it will continue to push your capabilities to an unreasonable degree. In doing so, literacy is increased to know more figures.

Never be afraid to try to get out of a comfort zone. Risk is not an enemy to be avoided so that you are safe from it. Instead, risk can be used as a step towards success. Don’t have the mindset that career goals are the finish line of self-development.

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