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Redmi service centreswith services for customers

The Redmi Service Center also joins Xiaomi.Not only that, their superior products, like, Poco and smartTv can also be repaired at the Mi repair center. Interestingly, almost every city already has an official headquarters. so, you don’t have to be confused if there is damage.

There is also MI from home facilities, or can be repaired from the house. Unfortunately, this place has no access to remote locations. It is only 5 kilometers from the service center. But the choice to come private is also the right decision. Because, from convenient facilities, it is superior.

The Redmi Service Center has also provided interesting facilities in the form of accelerated repairs, namely, only an hour; this time it will start when the order is registered. until the repair is complete. unfortunately, for the time the service is only available in 5 locations.

All are in the Jabodetabek area. To enjoy it you have to come directly and have done the reservation through In addition, this process can be done if the product is officially endorsed by Xiaomi. And it is still within the guarantee period and during the period of the backup period.

It is only 9 am to 6 pm. In addition, it will not be processed and will have to wait tomorrow. Not only did you come to the office directly. You can also request a lot of complaints through Call Center. This convenience is truly offered by Xiaomi to give customers a sense of satisfaction.

 Redmi  service centre support for customers

Xiaomi provides various forms of convenience by providing customer service. So, they provide a variety of features online. It’s just that the time is limited by office hours. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. local time. So first take care of where you are.

There are many routes that have been provided first, via WhatsApp text messages in the number of 082117236765. Or you can also take advantage of the hotline at 0800 1 401558. For a full list of completed addresses, you can visit the website directly.There you will find your address and phone number.

On the official website of the Redmi Service, there are a list of available prices. so, when conducting a check.Or maybe, you’re trying to find yourself why a mobile phone can be that way.  It is also easy for each customer to know how much ingredients need.

Interestingly, each phone part is different from the other. It depends on the category and the mobile phone itself. Just try to find the highlights, you will find them easily. It is not enough to get there, when a repair of the entire price list is available. For example, product Mi Note 10.

The battery component has a problem, you just have to open the website. Then, know how much it costs. Start ing the cost of repairs as well as taxes. Keep in mind that each phone has a different rate. However, it should also be noted that  if the price list is not adjusted, it can change according to price fluctuations.

Only 5 days of repair centres

The Redmi Service Center from Xiaomi has also introduced a new success. by providing only a five-day waiting period.This is really welcomed by his loyal fans and customers.Usually, mobile phones enter the service desk at the earliest, take 10 days.

Interestingly, if it is not successful within that tempo there is a guarantee of a replacement for a new unit. This is really good news for all customers. That way everyone doesn’t have to wait too long. It’s just that the repair is calculated when the product is acquired by the service head office.

For example, you give your mobile phone to the redmi  service center on 10. Then, two days later the product enters the repair table. So, the time is calculated from 12th to 17th only;In another period, the product will be replaced again and sent directly to the address.

But, it is worth paying attention to get there. You have to make sure there are still guarantees available. In fact, as soon as the past five days, technicians will insist on replacing the new equipment or waiting for the service to be completed. When the new device is new, Xiaomi is not responsible for the information.

So, it was before you took it to repair. It’s an additional piece of advice to do a backup. So, if something untoward happens, all the information is still stored properly. You can also check regularly through a hotline service. To make it easier to just mention the NUMBER OF IMEi.

Guaranteed by Xiaomi

The Redmi Service Center also provides a guarantee to a variety of phones, as long as there are some supporting documents.For example, battery devices that are often used as a complaint.You will get a lot of time.About 15 months.This way, when damage is repeated, can be immediately claimed.

Another appliance is available until it gets about 6 months. For all products and mobile units starting with Redmi 7 and above will get at least 12 months. In the meantime, for this kind of damage, there is also a lot to do. As a result, the smartphone is not turned on and off on its own.

The damage to the screen is not due to falls or exposure to water and liquids. Damage to a wider range of materials due to its structure. The Redmi Service Center also serves damage due to the appliance, starting with a data chain that didn’t work properly. or it never worked, the original Xiaomi product.

Before such repairs and guarantees were made. Xiaomi will check first and test the product. In addition, it makes sure that the Mi account  is out or out. so that not all the secrets are read in it; Mike’s side is not responsible for anything.

If true, the product will lose the data. It should also be noted that  this guarantee will not apply when the IMEI number is deleted even if it is lost; the damage is also caused by you cutting it without the consent of Xiaomi or handing it over to another service center.

Phone costs when guarantees go up

The Redmi Service Center also provides services for Various Mi products without using a warranty card. or perhaps, time is really up. Services for this are numerous. Starting with upgrading software to hardware or actually a transition from a key board can still be made for 16 phones.

Since there is no guarantee, Xiaomi will pay the fee. For software upgrades, the cost is about IDR 120 thousand. Meanwhile, for Hardware, idr 150 thousand. This is not added by the elements if there is a real replacement. For legitimate or informal products, the service center also serves.

It’s just that, because Xiaomi is now working with the government and all business actors in Indonesia. To break the chain. Therefore, all of its products remain to existing standards. Because buying on official endorsements is really expensive. But, security for comfort is absolutely guaranteed.

The services of this repair center are not only doing repairs. You can also buy other products or original devices such as smart watches, headphones and more. If your mobile phone is damaged, it’s better to take it directly to the Redmi service  center, it guarantees the process is fast.

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