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The service of the 24-hour NBA call centre is one of the efforts that has made it easier for every customer to be a commitment to a government company . Financial services are indeed very interesting because now many people are unable to manage their financial work . The result is not savings , but wasted in exchange .

Keeping money in the bank can actually be said to be very safe and reliable . Without a good  management  system , one of the government ‘s businesses  will become Gemini . The bank is one of the businesses that manages and operates under the government ‘s strict supervision .

It should be mentioned that the bank was built for a long time and became a bank that was built during independence . A long history of how financial management has a  strong foundation to date  . There is no surprise that it  now has millions of customers in Indonesia .

With a long history and commitment to provide good service , the 24-hour relationship centre service is the same as this commitment  . Many objectives and certainly can provide solutions to the problems that customers face . The presence of n or presence provides a sense of  security and comfort to each bank customer .

Review of the history of the Bank of Bini

The National Bank of Indonesia or THE BIA was established after Indonesia ‘s independence in 1946. The bank continues to develop quickly because it has a good system . Moreover , the services offered to each customer have a strong foundation . A few years later , his name became widely known to the public .

The 46 logos , currently used by the bank , were established in 1946. This logo is a recognition that the BNI is one of the nation ‘s product banks . This can be seen after the training of financial services and now it is up to the government .

Interestingly, in 1992 it gained a new legal status as listed companies. A public company is a company whose partner property can be owned by a large community . With the service of the 24-hour NBA  call centre , this legal situation is good news for many people .

The bank ‘s partners ‘ proposal was immediately requested by many . In particular , looking at the foundation that has long existed with a good management system  .  The DNA can also be said to be the first bank to get an open situation . So the progress and services offered are very satisfying for the customer .

24-hour BNI Call Center Service

To support services to each customer , everyone needs to be close . Call centre services are a kind of proximity to providing a sense of security and comfort . As such , it is not unusual for customers to have some problems that they do not know about financial services .

Stop a solution as a motto aimed at providing good service to everyone . You can enjoy this service for a full 24 hours and you can access it from any area . You can learn a lot about products and facilities here .

You can call the NBA 24 hours a day by phone without requiring local code . You can call 1-5000-46 directly from your personal mobile phones . If you use a mobile phone , you can call 68-888. It is very easy because it can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

In addition , you can submit complaints via electronic and fax services . This is enough to send the selected email address to bnicall@bni.co.id. In the meantime , if you use faxes , you can use the number 021-25541203. Of course , this ease ment called the NBA call will help with any problems you have .

Interestingly , each call is used to end the end system . This means that any problems will be solved by the customer without calling . The problem can be resolved quickly at a specified time without calling . However , if the problem relates to a specific issue , it will usually be transferred to the office of the surrounding department .

Procedure for written and linguistic complaints

The 24-hour NBA Call Center service is the head of the spear for the company to be close to customers . While this procedure can be carried out in two ways , which are written and linguistic . Each complaints procedure is generally almost a system . The only difference is the way it is used by the customer himself .

If you use the written procedure , you will need an official website . Then enter the Kobangi Kami mine . Here you can write down any complaints that have been experienced and wait for bank responses . The response will usually be sent directly to the customer ‘s email address if resolved .

You can also use BNI e-mail and fax addresses to submit any complaints . You can get a response for some time after submitting a complaint . There are other ways if you want to get an answer as soon as possible . You can go to the nearest office of the branch and then raise the problem .

In addition to the written method , customers can  use the linguistic method with the BNI 24-hour call center services . It is enough to call 1-50-46 at any time and anywhere without worrying . But after this call , you will receive a call fee . The size of this yes  depends on the offer that you use now .

The officer will then register and provide the customer with a complaint registration receipt . The officer will then send the results of the complaint whether it can be resolved immediately . If not , it will take some time and he will be asked to come back later to get the complaint he had experienced .

BNI 46 Facilities and Products

As a financial services provider that has already lived a long time , of course there are several facilities products provided to everyone . Each convenience product can be obtained 24 hours a day through the NBA call centre services. This is a place and place for each element of society to receive the same services.

The first product is called BNI Taplus for the Jabodtabik area with the need for IDR 500,000. At the same time , customers outside Jibdtabak need an initial 250,000 ARP reserves . In addition , several important documents are also needed , such as empty cards , driver ‘s licenses , michael documents , kitas .

There is also an INA Taples base product that is very suitable for use by actors or future businessmen . Some of the facilities to be found at the end of the month are detailed information about the flow of cash and many more . Requirements in the form of identification cards and primary resources . U Million D.

There are also product facilities for young people such as students and so on through BNI Taplus Muda . The facilities are divided according to age , from 15 to 17 years old and 17 to 25 years old or in the first category but married . While the needs are the same as other products .

As a major financial services provider in Indonesia , THE BNA 46 is certainly active in providing different facilities . Not only from products and facilities to customers . But there are other services that can be accessed at any time. One of them is through the BNI 24-hour call centre services .

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